Inf-way EN407 Heat Resistant Oven Gloves for Cooking Flame-retardant Anti-scalded BBQ Grill Gloves

  • Inf-way EN407 Heat Resistant Oven Gloves for Cooking Flame-retardant Anti-scalded BBQ Grill Gloves


Palm Size: 16cm/6.3''. Material: The main material of Palm is para-aramid, it is one of body armor materials. Multi-functions: wear-resisting, heat-resistant, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-scalded.
500℃/932°F Extreme Heat Resistant: You can touch 500℃/932°F object directly, time of duration is 30-45s, the temperture you feelling is less than 50℃ in 10s.
Its amazing benefits provide you with security and worry free of getting burned. This light weight glove is easy to use, washable, and has a comfortable fit for all sized hands. Pan Pipers Oven Gloves is the popular fashion choice when cooking out with friends and family members, handling wood for campfires, or removing extremely hot pans in the kitchen. It's even great for ages 12 and up!
Unlike those silicone gloves on the market today, our outstanding cooking gloves are easy on, and easy off They also fit better than the other guys. Don't waste time on low quality mitts that stain, burn, and just don't offer the protection you deserve!
Lined with comfort inducing cotton on the inside, these gloves prevent your hand from getting stuck. Opening jars or anything that required just a little added grip strength is a snap with our raised silicone grips! These kitchen aids are super pliable, reducing fatigue in your hands, and letting you cook longer, stronger!

  •  Comfortable, Flexible Oven and Grill Gloves Offer 
the Ultimate in Heat & Flame Protection! 

    Whether you're grilling up a meal in the backyard, taking something out of the oven or working around the stove, you need to keep your hands protected from heat. That means having the right potholders and oven mitts at your disposal. If you're on the hunt for gloves or oven mitts, you'll find many products that claim to be the best, but are they really? 

    Inf-way Cstong Oven Gloves offer the highest protection up to 932°F and are also comfortable and easy to use. 

    welding, high-heat jobs that require good dexterity, outdoor winter welding, linesmen and utilities industry, steel and iron industry, light-weight operations, material handling and mining, Industrial tunnel oven, electric welding, metal smelting, metal casting, metal extrusion, metal slitting machine, glass production and processing, the solar cell production, and other high temperature environment. 

    1. Gloves do not protect against heat from hot liquids. Grill Heat Aid is specially designed to protect your hands & fingers from contacting extreme heat when handling hot surfaces around the house in the kitchen & by the grill and fire pit. 
    2. If you open the package and don't use the gloves over 1 month, the color of palm material will change to a little darker, it is normal. But don't keep letting the palm material exposure to strong sunlight over 3 months. 

    Particular! Professional! Safety! High quality! YOU WORTH IT!!!

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