Inf-way Cut Resistant Mechanic Gloves

  • Inf-way Cut Resistant Mechanic Gloves


Materials: high-strength polyethylene fibres and stainless steel wire. Old and new packing alternate
Size:middle finger is 3.25",total glove length is 9.5",width of the palm is 4.25" unstretched
Right and left reversible wearing,Flexible wrist strap, suit for any size wrist and be comfortable.
Excellent kitchen gloves for food preparation such as cutting vegetables, meat, fish, oysters.
Work gloves for other trades - gardening, wood carving, HVAC, sheet metal, glass, mechanic, framing.

  •  Size: 
    middle finger is 3.25" 
    total glove length is 9.5" 
    width of the palm is 4.25" unstretched 
    inner diameter:2.75mm 
    outer diameter:3.81mm 
    wire diameter:0.53mm 

    Cut Resistant Kitchen Safety Gloves 
    Tired of slicing your thumb on your mandoline? Scared of grating your knuckles into your salad? Always running for a band-aid every time you work with sharp knives? Statistics show that hand injuries make up 30% of all emergency room visits. With our comfortable, hi-tech protective gloves you will no longer worry about accidental boo-boos! 

    New Technology. Strong, yet Flexible. 
    Dexterity and flexibility are so important when working with sharp tools but stiff leather or mesh stainless steel gloves can seriously hamper performance. The innovative cut resistant fibers that comprise Kaffyad gloves are much lighter yet many more times stronger than leather. These unique ergonomically engineered gloves protect your hands from cuts without compromising precision, dexterity or comfort. 

    Butchers, Kitchen, Meat processing, Police, Glass Handling, Metal Fabrication, Sheet Steel Manufacture, Security Force,Automotive assembly ,Maintenance,Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Packaging, Electronics, Glass Industry etc. 

    Note: We have tested the gloves in most of countries about the size, please check detailed size and picture 5 to compare, we promise it is suitable for the majority of people 
    About wash:The gloves are available for all regular cleaning method no special requirements, it should be stored in dry ventilated place when not in use. 

    Packing include 
    2 pairs free size gloves

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