Inf-way Cut Proof Stab Resistant Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Gloves

  • Inf-way Cut Proof Stab Resistant Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Gloves


Made from 100% highest-grade 305 STAINLESS STEEL with hermetically sealed micro plasma welds, the steel mesh is impressively pliable.

Glove to protect against cuts when preparing food, sharpening knives, or cleaning blades, Not only does the glove protect your hands from sharp knives, but it also makes it easier to hold onto slippery food.

Ambidextrous - Glove will fit either hand. Easy to clean -just wash your hands with the gloves on or you can put it into dishwasher to clean.

Well fitting safety glove whether it's shellfish, meats or whatever you're slinging a knife for.

These types of gloves are also designed to be worn on top of another glove, like a cotton or thick vinyl. Usually you are dealing with chilled meat and need some type of insulating glove underneath. So you can choose the size as your using habits, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL 5 sizes.

    If you work with knives or (especially) a mandoline in your kitchen, and you don't wear a cut glove, then you fall into one of two groups: those who've already cut themselves seriously, or those who will. So save yourself a trip to the emergency room later--not to mention permanent damage to your fingers or hand--by getting this stainless steel mesh cut glove now.

    •Constructed of welded stainless-steel mesh 
    •Tapered fit design 
    •Ambidextrous - patented system which makes changing a left-hand glove into a right-hand glove fast and easy 
    •Applications include poultry processing and meat processing 
    •Function:Cut-resistant,stab-resistant,Anti-knife,Anti-Scratch.Protection grade: 5 
    •Fit to both right and left hands.

    Sizes: Sizes below are measured in flat-laid position, hand measurement will have discrepancy of about 2CM. 
    XS: Wrist-4.2'', Width-4.3'', Length-8.66''
    S: Wrist-4.2'', Width-4.6'', Length-8.75''
    M: Wrist-4.5'', Width-4.8'', Length-9.5''
    L: Wrist-4.5'', Width-5'', Length-9.8''
    XL: Wrist-4.75'', Width-5.2'', Length-10''
    Note: Gloves do run big: We recommend ordering a size smaller for women. Wrist is adjustable.

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